Rice and Beans

Where will you watch a soccer match in Knoxville is an easy desicion, due to a great local Mexican bar conviently named: Soccer Taco.

I thought the early morning matches were a curse from FIFA itself but they have proven to me to be the best time to watch a match. There is something magical about Mexican eggs, vuvuzelas, national pride, and early mornings all wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

The sport of soccer is not the sport in which Americans franticly gather around thier TVs to cheer on. Back in a past summer, I was across the pond when the Euro Cup was taking place. Every week night was a different party, let it be an English Extravaganza or a Swedish Stunna’, it captivated me. It was my wish that the States would house such excitement this World Cup. My wish came true. Contrary to the American sport culture, Soccer Taco has been insanely packed with crazed US of A fans. It must be the rice and beans.

As the United States performed stellar in several matches, I as well as the rest of the Knoxville Taco Nation enjoyed every great save, surprising header, and heroic Donovan kicks.

I am an American Futbol fan, partially due to burritos for brunch.

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