That Distance

I winced as I tried to do the math on when I had to scrounge for some more coins and return to the parking meter; Charlie in formed me that it would be at 5pm. “Thanks,” as my eyes regained focused.

I have ran into Charlie many of times in my life, mostly in the most interesting of places and we always talk about the same subject: Sweden. Charlie is a Campus Crusade for Christ Staffer on Duke University’s campus with his wife and two sons. God has blessed him and his wife with the heart for Sweden. It was through Charlie’s guidance to this wonderful country on a Summer Project my sophomore summer, that God also blessed me with the heart for the Swedes as well as its spiritual culture.

Today, we weren’t in Sweden but none the less another favorite place of mine; Charleston, SC. It was there that Charlie and family was spending the summer on another Project. I was visiting.

As we seated ourselves on the patio of my favorite coffee shop, Kudu Coffee, I was bubbling with everything Swedish. It was this feeling of excitement as well as the conversion that followed, that is aspiring me to write.

It took me 4 days of being off work, 500 miles on the road, and a couple dollar bills to bring me to share my life and my excitement of what God is stirring inside me to a good friend that shares the same passion.

Yes, I could have made bank at work. Yes, it was a long drive. Yes, I could have saved that money. But was it worth it, . . . YES! The best one in fact.

I realized that no matter what is standing in between your God given passions and the people that share those passions, that distance isn’t worth the price that you make it.

Don’t allow work, school, Mom & Dad, or yourself to get in the way of you pursuing after those people that share the same passions.

It is in the fellowship of many that Christ shows himself, I certainly realized that this past week.


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