Novelty to Premium

“I am, Iron Man,” he says while tossing the cue card aside. Tony Stark, is then rushed by starving reporters and wide-eyed cameras.

But today you can find him eating a Reese’s or running Oracle or driving an Audi or using an LG smartphone. Practically anything that you want he is pitching it in his gold-titanium alloy Mark III red/gold armor.

When Iron Man hit the theaters in ’08 it took me (and several others) by surprise. I am a sucker for gizmos and gadgets especially when they are being used to save the world against a home-grown terrorist plot. I am also a sucker for great one-liners and witty dialog. So, Iron Man really tickled my fancy for the summer blockbuster. And that was it, a comic-turned-movie and a yearn to work at Stark Industries.

That Stark Fever caught on, not only with the t-shirts and lunch boxes but also the luxury cars and computing software. The jump from novelty to premium, struck me. Does Audi really want to double down on the second running? Is it necessary for Oracle to go from Yacht Racing to electromagnet super powers?


As a Movie-Enjoyer I dislike the all of the hub-bub of Tony zipping around in his shiny suit wielding the latest do-dad. I am praying that I will not stumble upon the Iron Man 2 Snuggie spot. I want Tony to exist on the silver screen and soak up every inch of it, not creep into every corner of my life.

As a Marketing Student I am applauding the Marvel Studios. They know that the sequel will not be as good as the first so they build the empire bigger then anyone can imagine. If I was the guy at Reese’s that landed the Iron Man gig, I would be driving that V10 Audi in a heartbeat.

But which gold-titanium armor do I wear? The movie-suit with unrivaled silver screen blasting power or the marketing-suit with unprecedented corporate sponsorship flight?

Only the second act of Tony Stark will tell.


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