I led a bible study on defining/discussing “Faith.” I am not the teacher that I thought I would be but non the less I give it my all when the rotation comes to me (between Matt, Chris, and I.) Through the discussion Isaac brought up a thought that he had been mulling over. “Do you live a life of faith?”

I asked him if he did, more so on the defense of not asking me.

But meditating on it, meditating on if I truly live a life of faith, I find that I do.

Now, this is not the time to conclude this post and go on my merry way, it needs more explaination.

I am living a life of faith, but on the reactive instead of the proactive. Daily, I pray that God will allow my teacher to show mercy on my unfinished homework or pray that my scripture reading from yesterday will get me through today and possibly tomorrow.

I do not live upon the faith that asks God to show up in my conversation with my brother or asks God to provide a person in my day to evangelize to. I do not have faith that is beyond me, totally dependent on God.

I am so grateful for the grace that God has shown me, through my classes, and daily bread, as well as my conversations with my brother.

I confess that I need God in my life; for it would fall apart if he wasn’t.

I am at a tough spot now telling myself, “You do more to glorify him,” but aware that I cannot please him through works. With that, it puts a spin on it. I want to live by faith. I am, but I want to more.

I want to shift my faith reliance from worldly things to heavenly things. From my grades to evangelism. From job hunting to relationships.

I pray that you have pondered upon this as well, “Do you live a life of faith?”


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