A New Hobby

As some of you have know, I not only blog but also vlog.

I picked up video-blogging as an application to another job that I applied for. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job but instead I got a new hobby.

It occurred to me that both of my hobbies have not met each other. So today is the day that my vlog will meet my blog. The following are the 6 posts that I have posted on my YouTube Channel.

This vlog is my application to the YoungFreeTennessee blogger position.

This is my interview vlog for the the YoungFreeTennessee job.

This is my vlog of going to Universal Studios with Bridges International Ministry, so much fun!

This is my vlog on not getting the YoungFreeTennessee job.

This is my vlog on the trip back home from Daytona SBX.

This is my vlog being late to an exam because of forgetting my computer.

Those are my vlog posts, from now on I’ll post them one in a more bit-size format (one at a time.) Please view them and share them. Enjoy and stay tuned for more typing and video.


One thought on “A New Hobby

  1. Patrick,
    This video was too funny! Cant believe I watched it all the way through. Maybe because I can relate to being late, story of my life! Or maybe it was because I needed a little break/comic relief from watching a boring online lecture. This definitely did the trick. So intense though, glad u made it! 🙂

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