Miscellaneous (#5 of a Series)

Take the two most vague words and blog about them. Okay, Got it. “Internet” and “Miscellaneous,” words that contain a lot yet can’t truly be defined. Webster tries but falls short. I do not claim to define these two terms, just add to their wealth.

These are the things on the internet that (to me) are useful and interesting:

Bit.ly is a url shortener. You need this website apart of your life. What bit.ly does is take your super long  url (https://teasdalejr.wordpress.com/abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwkyz) and shortens it to a manageable size (http://bit.ly/8O6Ejf.)  As a pet peeve of mine (and everyone else) a super long url that takes up the 139 characters of your tweet or two lines of your status, is annoying. No matter if you are on Twitter or Faccebook or anything, you need to shorten your url web links. Copy your original url, paste it in the bit.ly field and click “shorten.” It will provide a shortened url that can be placed anywhere, conveniently bundled into a small concise package.

Hot-keys are a must. These are the short-cuts that make you a pro when browsing the internet or typing out a paper. Hot-keys are a combination of keystrokes that activate a function. The most common are the copy and paste function. To copy using hot-keys, highlight your target then hold “ctrl” and “c” at the same time; it has been copied. To past use “crtl” and “v.” Another short cut is the toggle keys. So when you have 15 screens open, ranging form Word, Mozilla, iTunes, etc, and you want to get from one to another without maximizing and minimizing your whole desktop use the toggle keys. Hold “alt” key and tap the “tab” key, depending on how many screens you have open you tap that many times. Just give it a shot, it is awesome (be sure that your browser or program has “hot-keys” activated, if not adjust your settings.) Also, to switch between tabs on your web broswer, use “ctrl” plus “1” or “2” or “3” etc. Depending on how many you open you will be able to jump to it quickly with the corresponding key stroke.

A unique application of Twitter is HootSuite. It is the way companies, speakers, preachers, and robots use Twitter. Through it you can manage several accounts at once, keep track of your brand or “buzz” word, and keep up a tweet base even while you are not online (scheduled tweets.) For me, I use it for scheduled tweets. To tweet out a link to this blog exactly when my latest blog is posted. TennesseeCRU (University of Tennessee’s Campus Crusade for Christ Twitter account) uses it for scheduled tweets for their weekly meeting as well as daily prayer requests. You can also manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks from it.

Those are the some miscellaneous things that I find useful and hopefully you will to.

Thanks for tagging along through this series of “More Than Just Facebook and Email.” I hope to continue to share stuff I find so keep reading.

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