“When did all our friends grow up?” he said with a sence of urgency.  I thought to myself, “Good question, . . . I don’t know. Seems like they all did yesterday.”

Weezie had brought up a good point. A majority of our firends are growing up; getting engaged, getting married,  buying houses, buying cars, getting jobs, or just graduating. (Now “growing up friends,” I am very excited for everyone of you and where God is going to take you. I love you all.) But seriously I am freaking out a bit.

At this present moment I am just freaking out about if I have enough gas to get me back to my apartment (probably not) and when my parents will deposit my “allowance” for rent and groceries. I work a bit but just for spending cash, no phone bill, insurance payment, or loan. I say all this beacuse my “grown up friends” are taking on the whole-kit-n-kapoodle.

God has revealed this to me for a reason, to be thankful for all that he has provided and will provide. I find rest in Hebrews13:5, Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” I have never took notice to the first half of this verse but now it makes sense. Keep your love on Christ for you will be content with him and he will never leave you. Always be content with where God has placed you and be thankful for his grace.

I find peace in that whatever situation you find yourself in (not growing, growing, or grown up) God will always be there. He has been there in the past, there right now, and there in the future.

So, friends that have ventured into the real world, I am praying for you and your endevours. I want you to never lose the freedom that you once had back in “the good ol’ days”. Have fun and remember Jesus will always love you and will never leave you.


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