Heavy-Duty Blend After 20 Cycles

To some people it is snow-globes, to others magnets, postcards, or pictures. To me it is T-shirts. When I travel I collect T-shirts. There are multiple reasons why I do, (1) it supports local businesses, (2) it builds my wardrobe, (3) it feels good.

Yeah, it feels good. Not just the supporting of a cool diner or adding a light blue shirt to the drawer, the tee actually feels good (to the touch!)

I have acquired so many shirts that I have a favorite shirt brand, not the logo fuzed to the front but the tag that is sewn on the inside. The company is called Gildan. Most often it is the cheapest shirt when purchasing at a screen print shop. It is that characteristic that makes it the most common brand in my collection. You would think that the cheapest would be the worst quality, but I would beg to differ.

The beautiful thing about Gildan shirts is their “wear n’ tear.” Yeah literally, the more you wear them the better they feel. The more washes, the more comfortable. I still wear my Hixson High School Senior shirt, not (totally) because it is my 2006 shirt but more for the broken in comfort! Same with my TopGun Volleyball shirt, it just fits.

What about the “vintage tee’s” of the American Apperal and other brands? They feel that good from the start.

I would have to disagree, they feel cheap. Softer, lighter weight fabric just don’tcompare to the Heavy-Duty Blend after 20 cycles.

Conclusion: Buy Gildan shirts and wear em’, the longer the better. They won’t disappoint.


One thought on “Heavy-Duty Blend After 20 Cycles

  1. I’ll disagree with you on this one buddy. American Apparel is by far my favorite t-shirt brand. And they wear just fine. Those are t-shirts that get even better wash after wash as well. None of mine are falling apart even after hiking, working out, and just general wear. So there. 😛

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