Blog (#4 of a Series)

The first time I heard the term “blog” was in a New Years article about buzz words (“blog” was one of them) and what color is in this year. That was 3 years ago-ish.

My personal blog history started with a Freshman English class. My teacher instructed us to use a blog to portray different characters based on stereotypes. It was fun because no one knew who you were during the conversation. It got me thinking of how people create online personalities, some true, some not. That fascination that got me into blogging.

Blogging is whatever you want it to be. It is an outlet to be yourself or not. It is a soap-box on which you can shout whatever you want. The main reason I started one was that every once in a while I would have a thought pop into my head that just needed to be out in the world. Most of the times it wasn’t enough for a conversation but just enough to complete a thought, blog worthy.

So if you got a thought or two that you want out on the world wide web, start blogging. The thought of it can scare you but starting a blog is easy. There are several blogging sites out there BloggerWordPress, or Tumblr just to name a few.

Here are my blurps on those three. Blogger, simple and easy. My teacher used our class blog through this. WordPress, more complex yet familiar. I say familiar because it feels like a word processor but it also can blow your mind on the stats and additional features (personally hosting your own or editing your own code.) Tumblr, the hippie blog place. This is the site to use if you are a person just riding the wave. Less structure at Tumblr. Good for videos and music sharing.

So those are the sites, you click on one and sign up. After that you need to get blogging!

You need to figure out your structure for your blog or lack there of. All the structure I have is that I will share the random thoughts and adventurous stories that I come across. Some people blog with a certain topic in mind like these guys about Knoxville food or this guy about 1000 awesome things. Whatever you see yourself daydreaming about then blog about it.

Once you do get started don’t stop. The more content you have out there the more accurate picture you will have of yourself out there. Don’t over worry yourself  if you fully discussed a topic or not, get what you have on your mind to the web and move on to another thought.

I hope that this helps you get over the hump on starting your own blog or just knowing what else is out there.

So, my whole “schedule” has been shot to bits due to life. This Friday I will (try) to wrap up this series on a planned note. Miscellaneous is the subject. Stay tuned . . .

One thought on “Blog (#4 of a Series)

  1. so, in the future, if you blog about this blog and are therefore blogging, about blogging…about blogging, would the internet explode?

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