God Will Lead Me

I am writing this blog in the aftermath of a run for being a Young Free Tennessee blogger for ORNL Federal Credit Union. Unfortunately, I was not chosen as one of the finalists. I can’t say I am “totally pumped” about the turn out but I am going to vote for the best of the three. The one that I feel will represent me well.

Okay, enough of my soup box sob story. Besides it is not about me. It is about God and his love and plan for my life. I can say those words and truly rest in them. Even though the YoungFreeTN didn’t pan out, I have thrown all of my confidence on Christ.

I see now that God spoke Psalm 73 into my life today for a reason. In verse 26 it reads, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” My flesh will always fail my expectations, but it is in God that I take as my portion forever. Oh, sweet words of God, I make life to be so difficult but it is always brought back to you through simple words of love.

Here I go, wherever God will lead me.


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