Gmail (#2 of a Series)

I remember the day that I got my UTK email account. I can’t recall the scene of getting my driver’s licence, or even my 21 first birthday party. But, for some reason, my email account I can remember. What that tells you about email is that its personal, memorable, and cherished. What that tells you about me is, well I’m not really sure . . .anyways.

Email, everyone has one and (to my surprise) everyone is tolerating one. What I mean is that several people are using email servers that are more of a nuisance then a pleasant experience. It is 2010, the internet is a big boy these days, your time writing emails and organizing you inbox should be easy.

Enter Gmail, Google’s Email service. (Enough said, but I’ll go on just in case)

I’ll jump straight to the features of Gmail and how it makes email the way it should be (but make sure to check out my Gmail testimony with this past post.) As you have read before, the login screen is a dream.

Once inside you are at the epicenter of your own personal Google search. Anything that you have sent, recieved, trashed, or spammed can be retrieved by the serach toolbar. Never again do you have to recount the months to when you sent that “English Paper that I wrote 30 mins Before.” Just type, “Paper” into the search box and you’re there!

Other servers (Tmail specifically) will deny you access to your account if you have maxed out your inbox. Gmail brags about its 7426 mega-bytes of storage for each user and continues to add to it. Okay, so you might be saying,Patrick, I don’t understand computer talk, its a miracle enough that I am reading your blog. Please speak English. In English, I have been using Gmail everyday for everything (school, internships, work, Campus Crusade for Christ, e-cards, attached documents, etc) and I have only used 5% of my designated storage. Now that’s awesome!

Other features that make Gmail awesome are: gadgets (add your twitter account, your flickr slideshow, your facebook updater, etc), themes (show that you are different and artistic through your background), labels (designate what conversations should be remembered and how. Even add a filter so that when that random classmate with that random survey sends you an email it falls into the “DO NOT ANSWER THIS STUPID EMAIL” label), and easy customization (you can rearrange the order of your inbox, labels, gadgets, etc.)

Gmail has a googol of other features, worthy for you to use and email easily, email peacefully, and email productively.

Google never gives up. I thought Gmail was the pinnacle of email but then Google totally reinvented “email” with Google Wave.  Another story for another day.

See, this isn’t rocket science (that is what Wired is for) this is just me stumbling through the internet figuring out some good stuff.

Next week, I’ll tweet about Twitter.  What is that, you ask? I’ll see you Friday.


One thought on “Gmail (#2 of a Series)

  1. well now i’m feeling inspired to explore all of the features my gmail has to offer.. and to think! i had just created one for an extra sga campaign tool & now it’s a friend.

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