More Than Just Facebook and Email (A Series)

The internet is more then just Facebook and Email. It is an ever evolving place of content and knowledge. It is meant to be consumed, explained, and adapted upon. My dabble into the world wide web has led me places and taught me many of things about the world as well as myself. I have had several comments on, “How this? and “Why that?” on my blog, twitter, facebook, and even email. By no means am I an expert on social media, but I feel led to share my knowledge so that others may explore the internet to its full potential.

Over the next 5 Fridays I will share my knowledge of the internet, concerning social media.

Here is the line up:

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Miscellaneous

See ya next Friday!


One thought on “More Than Just Facebook and Email (A Series)

  1. I am interested in what you will say about Facebook. Will you talk about it as a powerful tool or as something that is dangerous to individuals privacy.

    See you next Friday.

    Another Day On Facebook

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