I Can’t Make Any Promises

So remember that time when I blogged about the Krispy Kreme Challenge? How about this time, or that time, or that, or this? Do you remember all the times that I practiced, because I don’t?

Anyway, the time has come upon us. Yes, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is this Saturday in Raleigh,NC. As much as I should be freaking out about lack of training and the inevitable dozen doughnuts I am about to ingest, I am eerily calm. I would have to contribute a lot of this calmness to the lack of awareness and realization that I about to run 4 miles, eat 12 doughnuts, under an hour, without throwing up.

Those stats have slipped off my tongue way to easily the past months leading up to this date. I have used the term “Krispy Kreme Challenge” as a ploy to start a conservation, usually starting, “What is that?” Then I have several complaints (or would they be complements) on my Facebook Profile Pic. The most disgusted has been from my own dad, saying that it grosses him out each time he sees it, he has advised me to change it. But, the most devout fan of the pic is Abby Brown; you might have heard of her through this post.

There are a few brave souls that will be joining me on this adventure to stomach discomfort. I am extremely glad of these people, I have discovered that exercise or strenuous activities is better with a group instead of by yourself, and with the current state of my training; the more people the merrier!

We depart for Raleigh tomorrow. Graciously a hodge-podge of friends have agreed to take us in for the night. Bright and early Saturday, which is gunna be 39 degrees and with rain/snow showers, we will embark upon this adventure. After the finish line, a strong victory lap, then a quick power nap, then back to Knoxville for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

I can’t make any promises on if I will actually complete this challenge but I can promise that I will get back to Knoxville in one piece.

Stay tuned . . .


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