But not Google

I’m on the internet a lot. With all this web surfing I have several usernames and passwords that will slip off my fingers with the right prompt of the computer screen. Unfortunately, several sites require a click here, tab there, or a slide of the mouse at the most inconvenient part of the screen, before a single text key is hit.

But not Google.

As I type, g-m-a-i-l-.-c-o-m into my web browser and slip in the ENTER key a very simple yet professional page appears. Reading left to right, the screen welcomes you to Gmail and boasts about some of its millions of awesome features.

Then your eyes fall upon it. The login screen. And wait, what is that blinking in the username field? MY TEXT COURSER! AWESOME! So with a flickof my fingers, my username appears. Then after the TAB key and another flick my password is concealed by those solid black dots. ENTER, and we are in.

Facebook, Twitter, Bit.ly, and even WordPress listen up! Get rid of the click-before-type. I dislike it.


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