A Narrative

One of my first assignments in my International Business Class was to give a personal overview of myself. Here is what I wrote:

A Narrative

On a cold night in Minneapolis a child was born, his arranged name was going to be Benjamin but with the final interjection of his mother, he was named after his father; Patrick Alan Teasdale. This child grew up to be a strong but not so bright child in the small suburb of Chattanooga, TN which goes by the name of Hixson. As he debated of which college to attend for “Engineering,” his father gave him great advice saying, “You deserve a big school, one that has a division one football team and too many students to remember their faces.” So, Patrick Alan Teasdale Jr. decided to enroll at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. It helped that his favorite color was already orange. Within the first several weeks of being a freshman in the engineering program, our young student realized that he was not made for those skills. He enjoyed more to talk with people and serve as the communication between the customer and the business, all while delivering value to that customer. Hmm, he wondered what major he should expend all his time in with these interests in mind. Marketing seemed to fit the bill, so he signed the dotted. Jr., can now be found in the first two rows of his Marketing classes and struggling through his Italian classes all before his graduation date of December 2010.

For the truth to be told of this young man’s interest in international business we would have to tell you of his love and faith in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God began to knock on Patrick’s door all throughout his life but Patrick did not notice the knocking until his freshman year in college. It is here that Patrick invited Christ into his life for the payment of all his sins and to begin to have a personal relationship with God. Patrick was overjoyed with this decision, and still is! As life began to continue on down the path of graduation, he began to question about his calling and passions in life. Enter here an opportunity to travel overseas and share the love of Jesus Christ internationally.  In the summer of his sophomore year, he traveled to Sweden to a small college town named Uppsala. It is here that Patrick felt at home. It is here where Patrick felt a need for Christ. It is here that Patrick made friends that wanted to know why I was Christian. It is here that Patrick fell in love with Sweden. It is here where Patrick could see himself connect to the community as a Christian living an evangelistic lifestyle. It is here where God met him.

I tell this story not to push the boundaries of religion and education but to share the vision and passion and interest in international business. It is in Sweden where I would love to plant a church, open a coffee shop, base mission work from, or just live a life of faith while turning five talents into five more. Uppsala is where I plan to return to after graduation to serve in short term missions; from there I am trusting in God to guide me.

Patrick Alan Teasdale Jr.

Follower of Christ

Senior in Marketing


One thought on “A Narrative

  1. WOW, I just randomly stumbled across your blog, and it turns out I graduated with a degree in Marketing from UT just a few years ago (and I love the Lord and to travel)! What a coincidence!

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