Hey freshman, remember the Sweet Tooth? Oh wait, you don’t.

Hey freshman, remember the Chick-fil-a in All-American Grill? Still lost?

Hey freshman, remember when football tickets were free? Yep, its true.

Hey freshman, remember the blazing hot math classes in Ayres Hall? Yes, its a building on campus.

I ask these question not to aggravate the freshman class but to remind the upperclassmen of the “golden days” of our college experience. I do not and did not agree with several of the “renovation/improvements” to the university in the past years, even though looking a them in hind site they seemed appropriate.

Now another “improvement” is coming down the pipeline. The University will soon expand its email server from the original Tmail to Microsoft and Google. My first reaction was grabbing a daily beacon and running outside to exclaim, “Read All About It, UT Finally Is With The Times! Yipee!” After that random act of excitement, it set in. “It” being my limited time at UT, a now “improved” email UT. The year I am leaving we get Gmail. Dang. The past four years every time I have spoken of Google for email, people have given me the look of, “Anarchist!” Now, everyone will begin to jump the Tmail ship.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for that new freshman class, to get the best emailing service/unlimited storage for their school email. But the problems of Tmail became legend to me, it was just how you survived in college. The crappy interface, the frequent timed out sessions, the trick of copying your email text before you click send just in case it logged you out, oh the memories.

Hey freshman class of 2010, remember Tmail? Oh wait . . .


One thought on “Remember?

  1. All you’ve ever known is Tmail… back in my day we had an even worse webmail client. Way to finally get with the times, UT. Guess that’s why they’re increasing tuition again and again and again… haha.

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