Wonderful Time of Year

With the start of another semester, a theory I have is proven once again. It is, after a break from school (let that be summer or winter) you come back to school wanting to catch up with close friends and reconnect with lost ones and, my personal favorite, resume a non-existent friendship with an acquaintance.

That’s right rekindle a friendship out of nothing, it goes like this. Everyone has those “fringe” people. The ones that you see often but have never really said hey past the customary head nod or hand wave. These people also include those classmates that you voiced that random teacher comment to. Okay, got those people in mind? Good.

The start of a new semester is a magical time for those people. It is like you have been friends all of your life but just happened not to Facebook over the break. I will prove my point with a real life example. Yesterday, I was walking in front of Graphic Creations on Lake Avenue when I moved over to allow the opposing traffic to pass. I looked up and recognized “one of those” walking my way but instead of a nod or hand wave he exclaimed, “Man, I haven’t seen you in forever!” and my reaction was, “Well?!” Small talk ensued and my non-existent friendship was instantly reinstated. I don’t even remember his name but I vaguely remember having a couple mutual friends. Point proven.

I love this time of year because no other time can I bump into a non-existent friendship and pick up right were we left off, “And your name is?”


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