Break of Two’s

Winter break was 44 days long. Mine consisted of two’s.

I call Chattanooga my home only by default. My parents live there, which makes it my home base for all holidays and family dinners. Even though I grew up there, I had to break it to my Mother that I actually live up in Knoxville. I have an apartment, a job, friends, and school up there. Why am I making this point, because of the two’s.

I stayed up in Knoxville until the 16th of December due to a basketball game, zooming home I stayed for two days. By the 18th I was back up in Knoxville to attend a wedding (Congrats Matt Castro!) then back home for another two. By the 20th, I was on the road up to Banner Elk, NC to ski the blizzard of ’09. The following day I was back in Knoxville for two days to work another basketball game. Home after that for Christmas, another two days. On the 27th of December I band together with friends at Johnson City to enjoy the fellowship of Speedway of Lights, before heading off to Encounter09. After, oozing with Christ’s love from CruTru09, we zip home for another two. And here I am, back in Knoxville 44 days later, full of two’s.

It went faster then I expected.


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