Thank you Krispy Kreme Santa!

It all started last week. I came home one late night and a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was sitting at my doorstep w/ “Practice” + a smiley face written on the box.

My reaction was best summed up in my tweet the following morning: “thank you Krispy Kreme Santa! a whole dozen for myself, you shouldn’t have! #KrispyKremeChallenge

But this got me thinking, Who is my Krispy Kreme Santa? Why are you taunting me with doughnuts, to run?

So I began my investigation. I first examined the evidence. Krispy Kreme box, white in color w/ original polka-dot theme accompanied by Vintage Krispy Kreme text. Handwritten message seems to be of the male hand, (not stylistic at all) all caps and centered. Smiley face has pupils in the eyes. Then I began to brainstorm, who would do this. There are people that know about this Krispy Kreme Challenge that I am doing but would not normally go out of their way to do this. But then there are some that would. Hmm. I had my hunch.

Throughout the week I began to slowly eat away the evidence, one at a time. With every bite, every doughnut I pondered on who this mystery Santa is. And once I finally put the box in the recyclables yesterday, that night I received another box. Only this time it said.”Welcome to bootcamp” in a cursive type, female written. HMM!

So, Krispy Kreme Santa if you are reading this, I thank you for your presents but you will not win this. I will beat you at your own game. I will take this challenge for the Challenge and prepare myself. Bring it on!

My investigation continues . . .

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