I am ready to adopt a new word

For once in my life I can summarize the past few weeks in one word: Lull

Defined as; to cause sleep or rest, Lull can explain every part of my life (mentally, physically, and spiritually.)

Mentally, I am already asleep. I am so over the fact of Italian papers and International Business projects. I still go to class but that is about it. I’m not failing out, just getting by. I am lulling in them.

Physically, I am rested. I have come to a point of peak capacity of rest. I have figured out that you can overstock yourself with rest. I am ready to be active, to seek adventure, to be exhausted instead of fully charged. I have lulled.

Spiritually, I am in need of rest. As much as I have needed to stay in the word, I haven’t. God has blessed with great peace with school and work but, I have neglected to praise him for it. I need to lull.

To lull is neither a good or bad thing, it is one of those gray areas. Right now, I am tired of gray. It is time to glow white with my work, with myself, and with the Lord.

As much as I yearn to use Lull in a game of Scrabble, I am ready to adopt a new word.

Any suggestions?

One thought on “I am ready to adopt a new word

  1. how about resplendent? or splendiferous? those would rack up a nice scrabble score for sure!

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