So Horay, extreme latenight playlists and celestial artwork

Walmart at 5am is less crowded then you think. It almost looks closed, almost, but the sliding doors held true to their name allowing me to enter the Great Value Center way past my bedtime. The reasoning for going grocery shopping before the sun was up, rode the coat tails of getting back from watching a meteoroid shower. A shower that “would never ever happen ever again in my life time,”  according to a trusted source. So at the stroke of midnight (more like 12:20am) a band of cars barreled down the interstate to Cade’s Cove in hopes to catch a sight of this “spectacular spectacular.”

Several “What is your favorite Disney Movie Song and why?” questions later we arrived at the pitch blackness of Cade’s Cove. The crew unloaded and threw out the sleeping bags, blankets and snuggies, turning our eyes to the sky to enjoy the feature presentation. The clouds proved to be more of a nuisance then expected but the show did not disappoint. With every passing star the “Ooooooos” and Aaaaaaaas” of our group echoed through out the Cove.

Me personally, I was exhausted and operated on stand-by mode, using 1/3 the power a normal Partick would. Still with that, the fellowship with Ben was greatly enjoyed through conversation and dreaming of the greatest of our God and truly how awesome he was to create every single star that we saw that night. (And still love us, WOW!)

With the clock turning to 3am, and rain beginning to set in we rolled up the comfort and retreated to the cars . You would expect that the voyage home to be lame and tiresome but life never turns out the way you expect it. The playlist included: The Thong Song by Sisco, Pop by N’sync, Bananas by Gwen, Country Boy by Luke Bryan, I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness, Separate Ways by Journey, plus several others. I have to blame my attentiveness and urge to go to Walmart to that playlist.

So Horay, extreme latenight playlists and celestial artwork.


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