Or better yet, it spat

I had the greatest idea to go for a run this morning.

45 degrees, 2 shirts, 2 shoes (a right and a left), 2 knee warms (r&l),1 pair of shorts (bowers as well), and 1 hat later I was running toward the Krispy Kreme once again. It was so cold that it hurt. Ha, I loved it. But really it wasn’t a run, it was more of a swim.spit

I believe to have a slight throat problem, in which saliva/flem builds up rapidly/frequently in my throat when I begin  to put my body through any strenuous activity. So instead of unobstructed breathing I was drowning in my own spit. It sucked. Or better yet, it spat.

So once again I barely made the run to and from the Krispy Kreme. But all I can do is keep on running. I guess.

At the moment I crave a doughnut but I am sure by the end of this adventure I will never crave one ever again.

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