8 Steps complete

It was one of those situations, the ones  that you never want yourself to get into. Friday night and you have no idea what to do with yourself for the rest of night.

Surrounding yourself with a bunch of friends usually helps, family even better.

So, my bro and I scheduled the departure from the apartment and rendezvous w/ Ryan, Bo, and Katie at the Mass General Store. (Step One complete, “Get out of the House”)

Once we arrived at downtown, it was a slow stroll to the store enjoying the brisk chill of the wind, no where to be, no worries. Found the friends at the General and “window shopped” until the doors where locked. (Step Two complete, “Waste a lot of Time”)


I had been devising a plan for the past week and the opportunity to spring upon my fellow friday floaters came, “Let’s go to Remedy and play Monopoly! I have been itching to play all week!” It was accepted with little opposition. I was overjoyed. (Step Three complete “K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid”)

I unveiled the beautiful Remedy coffee shop to the first timers of our group as our numbers grew from 5 to 9, meeting Matt, and John Will, and welcoming Alex, and Lindsey. (Step Five complete “Meet new people”)

We commandeered the back room and only folding table to play the wonderful game of reality. Splitting into teams we broke open the game and wheeled and dealed. Boy, was my itch scratched! (Step Six complete “Have fun”)

We closed the place down, literally. Of course the game was not done but we all called it quits, immensely enjoying our time together. We all broke off to several different exits put the majority of us reconvened at Bo’s place to chill. (Step Seven complete “Chill”)

Coffee and laughs were shared, all was well.

On our way home my bro and I stopped for a late night snack. As we reflected upon our spontaneous night, we both agreed that it was the best to date. (Step Eight complete “Enjoy it”)

Needless to say, I had fun w/ no plan to this past Friday.

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