Back to the boot

brownieSo, I am taking Italian for my foreign language credit and its going pretty well. As I have been studying the language I have come across a couple of cultural differences and variations to America. An interesting one that I found was “Italian Brownies.” This recipe has a slight change in it that makes a world of difference. So the standard brownie mix calls for about 1/4 cup of oil to be combined with the milk, mix, love, etc. Instead of whipping out you standard vegetable oil reach farther back into the cupboard and pull out the olive oil. Yep, you got it, the big guns; cold pressed olive oil. You might have your objections but let me state my case. Mix it in, cook as normal and get ready to enjoy a morsel of the beautiful Italian country side. As the kitchen timer expires, pull out the pan of chocolate goodness, don’t be alarmed if  they hint of green its all part of the dish. Cut the moist brownie and serve warm, the difference will be subtle but great or molto buono for all you Italians out there. Lather on a good layer of icing and enjoy a sweetened treat. The oily olively aftertaste is all about the Italian roots and ties back to the boot. Trust me, try it you won’t want to miss out this. My Italian studies just keep giving and I’ll keep posting them. Ciao!


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