I imagined “I love Jesus, I love Krispy Kreme” T-shirts


I awoke today to blue skies and a cool breeze. First though in my mind was, “Perfect day to be outside.” Then my mind flipped through all my outdoor hobbies. It stopped on Krispy Kreme, Challenge (training) that is. So the guilt trip of this blog got me out on the pavement with my own two feet but so what I was running. After my research (google maps) I discovered that the nearest Krispy Kreme was exactly one mile away. Perfect. I laced up the shoes, and slammed the door at 3:40pm. I didn’t know what to expect, I haven’t run in ages. My mind flashed back to freshman year when I was determined not to get the freshman fifteen, so I ran the indoor track at TREC, it was death. I couldn’t complete a single lap before I was breathing fire.

As I left my apartment complex I ran with the thought of twelve doughnuts in February. I was excited. I crossed the busy intersections carefully and was “that guy” jogging in place at every red light. As I turned the last corner and began the last stretch to the Krispy Kreme a crow began to taunt me with a vulture-like screech. It was funny, one mile into my training and death was already knocking at my door. Ha. I did make it to the Krispy Kreme, flashing sign and everything. No donuts this run though, I was uncertain if my body could handle the shock of runnng and then a doughnut.(I better change that mind set soon)

As I began my way home I began to day dream of the team that would join me on my training trips and then finally the adventure to North Carolina. I imagined “I love Jesus, I love Krispy Kreme” T-shirts. 15 people packed into a UT Van with “Krispy Kreme Challenge or Bust” written on the back. As much as I would want to be a getting fit exercise, the donuts will probably cancel that out. Once I came back to reality I was on the last stretch home, uphill. So I pushed it and got back at 4:02pm. That time actually sucks. 11 minute mile! I got to do four of them; two with doughnuts in me. Kinda disappointed but realized that all that needs to happen is more running.

So, one training trip down, several more to go.

If you would like to join me on this great adventure to NC State, email me: pteasdal@gmail.com

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