I slip on the loathers and wrap on the slim tie.

shirt_n_tieTake the long end of the tie (which is in your right hand) and loop it around the short end. Tighten this loop as close to your neck. Then repeat again except this time make sure the front of the loop looks sharp because this is the front of the loop. With the long end take it through the loop that was just made, pulling down to tighten the knot. Spread the knot by tugging slightly on the two ends that are surrounding you neck. Once you have adjusted the knot to your desired look, make sure the length of the tie just touches your belt. If not, start all over again.

This is the start of “Dressing for Success.” You might be asking, “Patrick, where’s the job interview and who with?” you would be correct in the type of dress for an interview but today is a test day. Where most students slip on the “lucky sweats” and “trusty power ‘t’ ball cap,” I slip on the loathers and wrap on the slim tie. The reasoning is simple: Look good, feel good, do good. Does it actually work? Well, the way I have been dressing you would assume that I hold a 4.0 gpa, not quite. I do well enough. One the best parts of dressing up is when you had in that scantron and exit the classroom. You exhale, loosen the tie, roll up the sleeves, untuck the shirt, and feel accomplished. One of the best feelings, I have from time to time.

Dressed for Success, ha, more like, Dressed for Accomplishment.

Try it.


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