I am ready to type this one

(This is my entry to the University of Tennessee Blogger search that happened this past week, hopefully they like it and I hope you do as well)

I stepped back from the podium, reeled back and tossed my cap into the air, and watched my classmates follow my cue. The year was 2006, high school gradation. Now its 2009, bearing down upon the once distant 2010.

My name is Patrick Teasdale and I am surprised that I am a senior in college.

That day in ’06 is as fresh as the coffee I had this morning; french vanilla. Really, is college already over? How can it be? Everyone was expecting me to get a diploma but what about a bachelor’s degree? It is even a question to me. I am surprised but not the, “ Crap, I have to figure something else out already,” but more of the, “ Wow, this is it, the time that I step beyond academia and into that infamous ‘real world’.”

I tend to do that, live in the future. Reality is that I have still three semesters to complete. So that cap toss will happen in the fourth season, hopefully blooming into a spring of job availability.
Coming out of a summer at home was refreshing. A great time to sail with pops and learn how to cook from mom. It was a time of developing a skill but also relate to them as I mature into adulthood and they cure with great knowledge and wisdom. My home for my childhood, Chattanooga is all that I knew which I actively rebelled against hence why I am studying in Knoxville. It isn’t rebellion anymore; it was just a grudge that quickly faded away when I realized I spend more time in Knoxville then in Chattanooga. The pace of the summer was like a country song: slow, predictable yet enjoyable. I passed the time interning with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, pulling back the curtain to the business scene of the scenic city. When the cubicle got too old to fast I wasted away the rest of the day in coffee shops, pondering life and talking to Jesus.

The drive back to Knoxville was not forgotten; the same signs, exits, and memories. As the Wednesday of classes signaled the start of one of my last marathons, I am ready to run this one. I am ready to type this one as well, to share my experiences, and spread the Volunteer spirit.

When that cap with the orange and white tassel soars into the air I hope to tell you about it as one of the few good bloggers of UT.


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