“Ho pendo il raffreddore”

You might remember when every news station was clogged with images of people disguised in painter’s masks hurrying through their days. It was labeled the the deadliest thing since the black plague or something to that magnitude. “Only three deaths in Great Britain but keep your kids indoors because the the pugs are coming!” The news reporter would warn. Then I turned off the TV and went on to do better things with my day instead of cower in fear. Days went by until the H1N1 virus stories finally disappeared.

Then this past Monday I had a soar throat, and cold symptoms. I told people that I had contracted a cold or “Ho pendo il raffreddore” for all you Italian speakers out there. I was questioned and contradicted about having a cold in the middle of summer. By that time I was two days into my white blood cells battle and didn’t really care what it was but just that I would get over it soon. Then the University of Tennessee sent out an email about the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus going around campus. Are you serious! I have the dang Pig Flu!  With all the build up about this darn sickness and all it boils down to is a soar throat and a cold, I just laughed.

pigSo I am down with the sickness, the Swine Flu, Oink! Oink! I just don’t want to die of a flu that was spread by the use/misuse of pigs, no offence to my swine friends. So here I am 4 days into this gig, trying to get over this pounding headache that is the last hurdle to white blood cell victory!

So, if you see me around campus you can try to avoid me but I have a feeling that the swine already has you in its sights.


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