“Guaranteed Hail!”

I am rummaging through my memory trying to piece together what mile, memory, laugh was apart of what day and especially this last day i riding for me. Um, it tough but this is what I got.

Ottumwa is located down beside the river, which usually mean valley, which usually means a climb to get out of; it was usual today. The climb wasn’t in the first 30 miles of today but in the first 5. Just as I shaked off the sleepies, BAM! There it was! A climb for your life to escape the city limits. So I dropped it into Tennessee mode and made my way up the grade. Breaking a sweat at 9am is an experience.

Cyclists1Today was a day of lone cycling which I enjoyed. Time by yourself on a bike is a huge release for me. To reflect, soak up the day, or just tune out is liberating. I pray alot, which I neglected to do the beginning of the week as well as stay in the word. As promised God was still there, I am soooo thankful for that.

Once we pulled into town (yes this post is gunna be short, sorry) I was sad that it was last day to ride but glad in the same moment. (There was still another day of riding for the rest of the riders but the “Chattanooga Teasdales” had to travel back to Ottumwa for a family reunion.) The shower in Mt. Pleasant was pleasant even though there was fear of the water running out. Then as the night fell upon us, a team came over a blow-horn informing us that a storm with 80mph winds and hail was headed our way within the hour. That’s RAGBRAI for ya, every type of weather formation is possible. So as the rain began buttoned down the hatches and strolled on over to the storm-shelter which turned out to be a Thresher Museum. Yep, that’s right Threshers! Be jealous! Okay, so you might not know what those are. To my understanding Threshers are the HUGE tractor looking machines that pick,pluck, and harvest the grain, corn, or any other assorted crop. Mt. Pleasant is known for its Old Thresher Festival each year. Just as old retired guys restore cars, old retired farmers restore Threshers. (Check this out: http://www.oldthreshers.org/) So we got to wait out the storm with these giants. And in RAGBRAI fashion the “guaranteed hail” wasn’t hail at all just rain. The storm on the doppler was booming toward us then just decided to vanish. RAGBRAI weather is crazy. So we returned to our tents. You guessed it: sleep.

Iowa is crazy and I am probably just as crazy for hanging out there.

Thanks looking at it through my eyes.



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