4 bikes, 5 duffles, 6 people, and 1 dog

Woke up and dressed in street clothes, a pair of jeans that I have worn three straight days and a Tennessee Baseball hoodie. I said good-bye to the members of the Circle-of-Life (Pete, his girlfriend Elaina, Jason, Big Johnny, Tami, and assorted others.) I joined my dad and uncle for breakfast up at the Thresher General Store and recollected about how good RAGBRAI is and how complicated it is to get up here for such a simple time on the bike.

My dad can take either side of the argument if RAGBRAI is worth it. Me, I love it. Would want to do it every year of my life if possible. The feeling of the open road on two human powered wheels everyday, complete bliss. I made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t hang up the bike in the shed when I get home. I would get out on the road weekly and enjoy the sense of bliss in my everyday life. I am excited to do that.

Panda in the CarAround 10am, the camp was deserted except for the Teasdale’s, my mom rolled up in the Volvo and we packed it down with 4 bikes, 5 duffles, 6 people, and 1 dog on the road to Ottumwa (a 45 min drive.)

The family reunion was awkward as expected. People I have never met but they claimed that they gave me my first haircut or claim to have been there when I first learned to walk. The event turned into babysitting the young ones but that was alright because the only thing we had to look forward to was the day and a half road trip home.

American_GothicOnce we finally did get in the car, I clocked out only to wake up at the “Home of the House of American Gothic.” You know the painting of the farm couple wiht long faces and pitch fork standing in front of a house with cathedrail window. (This one <<<<<<)

Anyways, the center has the story of the painter, Wood, and the house (located on site, original location) how they came together and how it is the second most recognizable house in the U.S. and most parodied image.

An interesting way to end my fifth RAGBRAI experience. I hope you enjoyed coming along for the trip. I should be going back this next year if you wish to join me for some or all of it. It is truly an American Experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

See you on two wheels!



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