Most over-priced but most enjoyable A&W Rootbeer Float

So when you get stuck in the rain on a bike the previous day you automatically remember your rain jacket the next day, strange how that works. I am actually glad I wasn’t prepared the day before because it made this 77.7 mile day all the better. The forecast was for rain before noon then clearing up when we rolled into Indianola (the next overnight town.)

Big JohnnyIndianola has been mentioned before in this blog. It is where my cousins live as well as my dad’s childhood town. One of his high school buddies that rides with us lives there as well. We call him “Big Johnny,” and he prides himself in riding the past 28+ RAGBRAIs. Not only is he devoted to RAGBRAI but also his hometown of Indianola. He was on the RAGBRAI committee that planned the festivities and was super pumped about the ride coming into town. He and his wife (Tami) were so excited about it that they got up at 5am so that they can get on the road at 6am to get into Indainola early to enjoy the festivities.

The other half of our loose-knit-gang were also excited about Indianola (their town as well) but planned a different route of early entry. A buddy of theirs would pick them up after they slept in then drop them off about 26 miles outta town so that they could ride in. This is a perfect example of cheating, do not do this at home kids.

Call the Teasdale crew that “standard” because we got up at the normal hour and got on the road just like any other. Don’t get me wrong, we were excited but only after of 77.7 miles in the saddle.

We had one addition to the Teasdale crew today, he goes by Jason, which was good enough so he didn’t get a nickname but he have the sweetest bike in our crew. Everyone has different riding paces when you get out on the open road. The past couple of days I have started with my brother and father but after the first couple miles my cadence (pace of revolutions) would pick up causing my bike to pass theirs and as they say, “leave them in the dust.” Jason and I have very simular riding paces so we stuck together. Sometimes I would climb better then he would descend better, playing a nice game of leading but for the most of this day as well as the rest of the ride we found ourselves riding together. Which was cool cause riding by yourself sucks. (To be honest, Jason was better but he slowed up for me. Thanks Jason.)

Even with “fast” riding paces it still took us a good 5 hours to make it to Indainola. We take long breaks. And by that time the sun had come out and was the perfect RAGBRAI day. This played perfect to Big Johnny’s tune of a great time in Indianola.

So when we finally made it to town we joined up with “the cheaters” at the Sports Page for some good ole bar food (cheese-bacon-fries and nachos) then made it over to my cousins house in which the attic was our non-canvus refuge for the night. With 3 crazy cousins running around, hot-air ballons in the air, pumping music from the nearby town square, and a flushing toilet w/ free shower; Indainola was good, really good.

The party continued downtown in the sqaure with everyplace packed full of the now 10k+ riders/supporters. A great cover band rocked out the stage as I enjoyed the most over-priced but most enjoyable A&W Rootbeer Float. I ran into Big John, he was beaming ear to ear, so proud of his “Sweet Home Indianola” RAGBRAI overnight town. His dream had come true and I was truly happy for him.

One of my dreams came true when I feel asleep in a real bed that night, being rocked to sleep by the noise of the town square.

Another day complete.

Thanks for the visits.



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