“How do you make an old hit; new and fresh?”

Soon after my first post about the start day, my brother and I were standing in line for some ribs when my dad came up and asked us if we wanted to go to the V.I.P. floor in the M.A.C.? We didn’t have to think about that one.

As I was enjoying my spinich-artichoke dip w/ crab in a window walled terrace overlooking the festivities, I tried to figure out how to convey to my audience (you all) that this isn’t really how this bike ride starts off each year. As you can tell I didn’t come up with anything but the truth. Once again as my brother and I were enjoying our entres, my dad came up and quizzed us about the Barenaked Ladies. Asking us if we were big fans and if we would like to meet them. Didn’t have to think about that one, either. My dad, with this grin on his face pulled out a “Meet and Greet” pass from his coat pocket, good for one backstage meeting of the band. Could this day get any better! The only catch was, was that he only had one pass and we had to flip a coin for it. My brother called tails in the air, with it landing on heads so yours truly got the pass.

Downstairs, pass in hand, I met the Barenaked Ladies. I asked them if they were gunna ride across the state. They all looked at each other and communality agreed they would in a sarcastic tone. A picture was taken of us and as I slipped outta the way the bassist asked me how we pronounced RAGBRAI, and what we rose money for. Well, it sounds just like it looks and we “raise” money just for fun.

It was fun meeting the band but even more enjoyable watching them entertain. By far, they are one of the most energetic performers I have seen. My favorite portion of the show was when they came up to playing “One Week.” The lead singer quoted the question, “How do you make an old hit; new and fresh? . . . change it into a bluegrass jam!” So the Barenaked Ladies performed one of their great hits bluegrass style! It was amazing!

I went to bed exhausted with a brand new RAGBRAI experience.


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