27.3 miles of glory

I am a cyclist, with that said I don’t shave my legs but I do enjoy the ride as much as every other cyclist. This Tuesday I rode the ride of my summer. My mother said I was crazy to ride in this heat but to me it was picture perfect.

Cycling Kit, Check. Helmet, Check. Water, Check & Check. Open Road, Check.

I ride for the solitude, just me, the bike, and the asphault. Gosh, it felt alive. Not just me alive but the ride itself as well. The slower pace of a bike is exilhirating. Barely anything can explain it except the ride itself.  The thrill of exploration has a draw all to itself. Coming out of the neigborhood I took a right instead of the normal left, why not, the day was mine  to ride. Found a new loop which dipped down by the lake. Ate my banana by the shore and was off again to find my normal loop. It was right where I left it and felt even better doing it twice (the dog wasn’t even out, too hot I suppose.) Here’s a link to my 27.3 miles of glory brought to you by Google Maps.

An amazing day in the saddle. Thanks to the one and only creator.


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