A much over due update

So, I was on the computer checking my facebook, updating my twitter, reading my google RSS reader, and trying to keep my mind pointlessly entertained. The thought of bloggers and how up and coming they are, popped into my head. That thought bubble was tied back to my mind through this string of posts, this business journal. I found you again. Sorry for my absence.

Where to pick back up?

This is my second year with the Marketing Department of Tennessee Athletics. I am the “New Jack, ” the (paid) muscle of the department. I still answer to Doug Kose but Jack and Jenny have maxed out there stay. I was involved with the interviewing for the new interns and am excited to meet Brian from Chicago and Jamal from VMI. According to Jack this next school year will be the time for me to step up and make a name for myself (to Doug.) I believe that after two years of volunteer work I have made a reliable name for myself and Doug does know that. So instead of making a name for myself, it will be a year in which my experience will be tested and fully relied upon. I would like to build this up to be some epic tradition of the passing of the torch (and maybe I have) but in all honesty I just want to be apart of the action and to have fun in the process.

Currently, I am at home for this summer. I am working around the house, serving the parents and interning with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. Just finished my first day w/ the Chamber. I am looking forward to networking and making a name for myself in the Chattanooga business community. I hope that this will be an experience, one to learn from and even one to write about.

Then there’s the future, . . . but that’s another post.


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