Born Again Googler

With this new “job”, I find myself knee-high with emails, phone numbers, addresses, and documents. Now, I can always say that I was organized to an extent, have always keep my wallet ID in my wallet in my backpocket, unlike several of friends. (Matt and Jon) But all this business stuff is too big for my college themed agenda, I had to upgrade.

This past summer, UT had revamped its email service to a Microsoft format, an Outlook Server. Now, my father is a business man and has sworn by (and has cursed at) Microsoft Outlook so, I explored and found out that it was easy to keep up with all the jumble that is thrown at me. Everyone I met through Marketing I put there credentials in Outlook. this expanded to school then my social circle. Now with me using UT’s Outlook, they sent me a link to Microsoft Workspace, a beta version of a Document Sharing Network. This was a blessing, since my ink on my printer was out and I am too broke (is that possible) to replace it. I place all my documents that I needed to print on Workspace and accessed them through printable computers. (Mikey’s, Tim’s, and Jim’s) I even found Yahoo Widgets to be helpful by placing an agenda on my desktop to keep on track. It was going all to well until Google cam on the scene.

I have always used Google as my search engine. Then one day, Google informed that it could be personalized and then used as a Homepage. I thought this was awesome, more personal the better. I first added all the crazy stuff like: Flickr photos, quotes of the day, GQ updates, Myspace and Facebook updates, and random games. I kept it like this for awhile, having people admire how cool my computer was and how organized I was. i share the secret of Yahoo Widgets to some friends and now they are hooked. A year earlier my brother had signed me up for a Gmail account, and I have used it as my junk mail account. On my homepage I found a Gmail updater link, then I swapped my Facbook updates to Gmail then I found Google Calender then Google Gadgets then Google Docs. I discovered that Google was the first to have all this stuff and Microsoft was trying to get caught up, I fell for the Microsoft trick!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to blow up my PC and go buy a Mac. (not yet at least) But I have discovered that Google has mastered this networking thing out quite well. I still use Outlook as my email server since it is required by the University but I have practically traded everything else in for Google equipment. I am a happy Google convert, and i have hope that Google will continue to amaze me . . .


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