Unspoken Appreciation

Earlier today, I visited the Office for some daily chores. After placing the sandwich board out for Friday’s Tennis Match (it was 25 degrees outside but on a golf-cart it had to be 10 below.) When returning the key to Doug’s office we chit-chatted about the young day. He thanked me and we went on with the day.

Yesterday Terri, the secretary, mentioned that I need to fill out an application for Jenny’s job if I was interested. I informed her that I wasn’t going for her position but for Jack’s. She told me to ask Doug about it if I needed to fill out something. As I left Doug’s office this question jumped into my head, so I turned around to ask.

He told me that I didn’t need to fill out anything and that Terri has a tendency to worry more people then she should. It wasn’t my intension to bring forth an urgency for payment for my volunteer hours but he took it as that. He switched gears quickly and said that even though I wasn’t getting paid he was immensely thankful for my time. He “promised” that next semester I would get paid. This struck me and I told him that I was having fun so I didn’t mind investing my time.

This made me start thinking, on the subject (again) of my time compared to other volunteers. Some others (Cole) place more hours into the office daily while I jump in every once in awhile. But, it is the odd jobs that I am given that Doug greatly appreciates. It is me, who is getting up early and coming in to set up a board or moving an inflatable or taking down canopies at 10pm. It is these jobs that make the department thankful for a crazy volunteer like me. This is my difference from the rest and makes me worthy for my future position.

It is an unspoken appreciation that I take for granted. I don’t get big headed about things but I shouldn’t neglect the fact that I am thanked for.


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