The War

Pick your battles. This has been my “motto” this past couple of weeks in business, school, and spirituality. If you try to take on the world, it will crush you. If you pick the battles that you can handle and ignore the rest, you succeed. Also, I have learned that it is better to just do it yourself instead of pray for someone else to do it, this knocks items off the check list and keeps yourself pro-active instead of passive. This weekend I got slammed with two baseball sound jobs, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. I was angered at first but realized that fussing about it would take more out of me and the office then it would to just bear through it. To help this from repeating itself, I suggested another person to be placed in the rotation. Doug thought the idea was great and it has been put into action. It is a relief to see that my opinion and suggestions are taken seriously, as a beneficial team member of the Marketing Department (hope this continues.) It finally occurred to me today that the opportunities that I am being placed in with this Marketing and sound job are beneficial to my prospective in my corporate career. The people I am surrounded by, let it be the scorer or the PA announcer, it is all an eye opening experience in the world of sports and how it is sold to customer. I hope that this perspective will continue to open new doors and windows for me in my life and career in Marketing.

Side Note: Around campus I have seen flyers for University Tour Guides, which I applied for last year. I went through all three rounds of interviews and was positive that I landed the position but was proven wrong when they said to come by next year and try again. It has crossed my mind to do it again and serve my school in another avenue. I have always thought that I had a lot to say about my own Tennessee and this would be the best way to serve. There is no physical reason (schedule conflict, etc.) that is standing in the way of me to sign up again but like I said I must pick my battles. I have taken responsibility in Marketing and Crusade; even though I might think I am superman, I cannot take on another major task. I will always have the heart for this opportunity but for good reason I cannot pursue it.


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