What was the Score?

Tonight’s Basketball game was great. I am not totally sure of the score and not even worried about the players, it was great on a relational, responsibility, and comfort level. I say relational, not meaning I got a girl friend out of it but I stepped up and held a worthy conversation with my boss Chris Fuller, Marketing Director. It just feels good to talk to your boss as an equal without the division. I see this as a positive step into a business relationship that will strengthen and prove to more then I could ever imagined. He also commented that I wrote a great article on student attendance to the Florida Game, expressing the concerns of the Marketing Department. (That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.) I see myself as a responsible individual but I finally got the chance to begin my take over of Jack Ligon’s job. He gave the task to manage the “T” that is placed on the court for the players to run through, not hard but needed to be managed. I was a little gitty and anxious, which made me rush it but all in all it went on without a hitch and I felt accomplished. Also I got to wear a headset the whole time, to get into the know of things. Now I am hoping I can move up in wardrobe from UT shirts to snazzy button downs. At first when I took the volunteer position and later on the student worker position I was not comfortable around the other workers. The main reason for discomfort was that I thought that I had “stolen” the student worker position from them (only paid student.) I have matured from that thought and today felt comfortable in my shoes around the other workers. With normal chit-chat I feel as part of a team instead of the outsider. I know time would tell for that one but the time has come and I am glad. Needless to say I am excited on what is next.

Side note: Earlier today I was riding around on the golf cart in 30 degree weather and loving it. Doug was joking around by saying “Don’t quit on us, don’t do it, it gets better.” He has a sense of humor but I was amazed on how much fun I was having while some other worker might quit over a task like that. It makes me thankful for my go-to attitude and enjoyment in anything that I do.


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